Education landscape for Canadian applicants is similar to that of other international applicants. However, there are Polish medical schools that are more popular among Canadian students. Register to our Montreal or Ottawa (also online from the Polish Embassy in Ottawa on 4th November, 6:30pm - register here) events (in person and online) to learn more. See what Canadian students say about studying in Poland here.

Finance your programme with OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Programme) or other programmes. Medical Poland support includes guiding through visa application. 




Becoming a medical doctor or a veterinary surgeon is a lifelong dream for many thousands of students every year. Then why are only about 19% of applicants being accepted into Canadian medical schools? Medicine and Veterinary schools alike are extremely hard to get into. The number of applicants seeking admission to a Canadian Faculty of Medicine increased from 365 (per 100 000 population) in 1991 to 577 in 2018/2019. 

While the journey to qualify as a medical practitioner requires at least two degrees here in Canada, in Europe it takes one uniform 5.5 or 6-year programme for Veterinary and Medicine respectively. In its heart, for almost 30 years, Poland has been the third level education destination for many international students looking to study Medicine in English. It has also become hugely popular for other medical disciplines, including Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Nursing. The average age of Canadian applicants to medical schools is 22-25 years old compared to a younger 18-21 year old in Poland. 

Kyle, a 3rd year Canadian Medicine student in Bialystok, Poland, profiles US and Canadian students saying: “Most of us want to get our medical degree sooner than in 8 years. Many, but not all have some Polish family connections. The entry requirements are much more realistic and both fees and the cost of living are much lower than at home too.” 

Similarly for Ashley who is currently in her 3rd year of Veterinary Medicine in Wroclaw, Poland was another option to realise her dream of becoming a veterinarian. In her view the five Canadian vet schools and stringent entry requirements fail to offer an opportunity for education to many students who would make great vets. 

From the 39,284 applications in 2018/19 to Canadian Facilities of Medicine, only 2,640 of those places were filled. Fortunately, there are also hundreds of places in Poland waiting to be filled by students whose passion is for medical sciences and who are ready to commit the time, energy and hard work to learn how to save lives. 

“Medical Poland’s goal is to support all those brave people on their journey, every step of the way, to becoming a medical professional. From researching courses, application, admission, support during the studies to graduating and starting as medical professionals, Medical Poland will be there for you” says Adam Krawczyk, founder of Medical Poland offering an application and admission support service for international students. Medical Poland is coming to Canada with a series of events designed to bring information about Polish Universities and career opportunities: Register here:

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At the moment Bialystok University is ranked somewhere between 1000-1200 ("THE" ranking).
That makes it 6th result in Poland overall. However, in terms of the Teaching category, it is classified as the 2nd position. Also, 2nd place when it comes to gender proportions (76 vs 24).


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